The Tree House, La Marquanderie

BSC were appointed to prepare a scheme and to oversee the installation of a bank stabilization and rock catch fence system to the rear of the restaurant and children's play area.

In the past there had been netting installed on the bank to reduce the risk of ground movement, however, on closer inspection the existing system was no longer fit for purpose and although it had retained some amount of earth slippage it was in need of replacing and upgrading.

Above the area previously netted is a number of fractured rock outcrops and over time a number of small rock falls have occurred.Out of concern for health and safety the client requested that a system be designed to reduce the risk of injury to patrons, employees and damage to the building from future rock falls.

With assistance from a rope access team a survey of the existing site was undertaken. Results from the investigation were then issued so a suitable design for ground stabilization and rock catch systems could be prepared.

The proposed scheme included the installation of new high specification netting to cover the existing and also to widen the protected area to include the play area and the complete rear of the building. The netting system will allow shrubs to grow back and, in time will disguise installation.