Le Squez Housing Estate

The Le Squez Housing development was a scheme to demolish a dilapidated housing estate and provide social housing for the States of Jersey Department.

The existing properties were built in the 1960's and were in a very poor state of repair because the units were budget accommodation when constructed.The area was in great need of regeneration to improve living standards in the community.

BSC were the consultants for the full structural design, below ground drainage and coordinated services layout.

The drainage design and preparation of a services layout were completed by BSC.

The foul and surface water sewer was designed in accordance with 'Sewers for Adoption' as the sewers were to be adopted by the local authority.

The flat upper floors were cast in-situ concrete slabs. With sustainability in mind the preferred solution was to use metal webbed joists in the houses.

Timber roof trusses were used for both the flats and houses with any flat roof areas constructed of cut timbers.